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Railroad Application

FINE SINTER technology in the railroads industry. Even in the Japan's boast; Bullet Train

By using some of the outstanding characteristics of Powder Metallurgical Technology, we produce Composite Materials such as brake linings for trains, contact strips for current collectors and sealing materials, with high friction resistance and superior sliding characteristics.

Current Collector Products

Carbon Slider

Carbon Slider

Carbon slider by FINE SINTER is the C/C composite with impregnated metals.
By using carbon fiber we improve durability and apply tapping on the carbon slider to be attached with pantograph collector head by bolt. It is only FINE SINTER slider that can be attached by bolt among carbon slider products in the market.

C/C Composite MaterialC/C Composite Material

Characteristics of the Carbon Slider
  • Light (less density)
    • Better follow-up to trolley wires of the pantograph and reduce pantograph bounce.
  • More resistance to bending and higher impact level
    • Due to better durability by using carbon fiber, slider-loss during operation can be prevented.
    • Carbon material with tapping allows the slider to be attached to the collector head so that currently used collector should not be replaced.
  • Better Arc Resistance
    • Comparing to sintering alloy slider, our slider has better arc resistance and keeps smooth condition on sliding surface of the slider.
Sintered Slider

Sintered Slider

Slider is one of primary composite materials in application products of powder metal. Since 1974 when the FINE SINTER established, we have focused on this material and have developed as an alternative that dissolved all disadvantages of conventional slider. Our slider has been used at Japan National Railways since 1951.

Characteristics of the Sintered Slider
  • It is easy to maintain and economical due to less exhaustion in both slider and trolley wire. With long-term use, level of exhaustion of both slider and trolley wire tend to be decreased.
  • Because of lower resistivity and contact resistance, decrease in power loss is expected.
  • There is no risk of overheat and disconnection of wire at the collecting point due to less increase of temperature at the time of electric collection.
  • By applying characteristics of powder metal, its structure demonstrates better resistance to friction and arc and lubricity.
  • As a part in the bullet train, it performs excellent with better resistance to high-velocity sliding and arc.

Wear Resistance Products

Wear Resistance Products

Friction material is used in airplane, railroad vehicle, and 4-wheel and 2-wheel vehicles as brake lining material and clutch facing material. The material demonstrates excellent performance as high loads material suited for all-weather, which was not possible with conventional friction materials.

Characteristics of Friction Material
  • Relatively higher level of friction efficient and stable. The level of friction efficiency can be appointed between ranges of 0.25 to 0.70.
  • Superior friction resistance, and lifetime is 3 times longer than other friction materials.
  • A level of exhaustion of opposite material of our friction material will be 1/3 to 1/10 of other materials. With better conductivity, less heat crack and heat burn will be observed.
  • With superior heat-resistance, the material can be used under 800 to 1000℃ while resin becomes carbonized around 300℃.
  • Few fading phenomenon occur.
  • Larger heat capacity enables designing of brake and clutch more compact.
  • No difference in friction efficiency between dry and wet conditions.

We also carry products other than railroads parts.

Parts for airplane brake
Parts for airplane brake
Parts for buggy car brake
Parts for buggy car brake
Parts for 2-wheel vehicle brake
Parts for 2-wheel vehicle brake
Clutch facing for automotive
Clutch facing for automotive

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Entire process of our product manufacturing.
Introduce our manufacturing process from preparation of metallic powder, molding, to sintering.

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