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Fine Sinter Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company,” or “we,” “our” or “us”) respects the personal information of our customers and recognizes the importance of protecting it. Here we explain our policy of handling personal information on this website.

  • When you use this website, we may ask you to provide us with your personal information, such as for registering information necessary for inquiries, e-mail transmission, etc.
  • The Company will appropriately manage the personal information provided by you and will not disclose or provide such information to a third party without your consent; provided that, we may disclose your personal information if such disclosure is required by a court or an administrative agency in accordance with laws and regulations. We may outsource the handling of personal information to a contractor to which we outsource operations, in which case we will thoroughly monitor the management and operation by such contractor.
  • We will not use the personal information provided by you beyond the scope of the purpose of use. In the event that we intend to change the purpose of use, we will notify you thereof and obtain your consent prior to such change.
  • If you request to have your own personal information disclosed to you or desire to inquire or correct, etc., your personal information, please contact us by e-mail, etc., and we will promptly respond to it. We will continue to comply with laws and regulations and rules concerning personal information, as well as review and improve our efforts under this policy as necessary.

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