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Consent to the Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use below before using our website, and use our website only if you consent to these terms and conditions.


Although we thoroughly review and confirm the information we post on our website, we provide no warranty as to the accuracy, usefulness, reliability, safety, suitability for a specific purpose or otherwise of the contents. We assume no liability whatsoever for any damage incurred as a result of your use of the contents.
We may change or discontinue the structure, terms and conditions of use, URL or contents of our website without notice, or suspend or discontinue the operation of our website without notice. We assume no liability for any damage incurred as a result of such changes or the suspension or discontinuation of operation of our website regardless of the reasons therefor.

Prohibited Acts

When using our website, the following acts are prohibited:

  • Any act that infringes or is likely to infringe on the property or privacy of a third party or the Company;
  • Any act that causes or is likely to cause disadvantage or damage to a third party or the Company;
  • Any act that is or is likely to be contrary to public order and morals;
  • Any criminal act or act that leads to or is likely to lead to a criminal act;
  • Any act of making a false declaration or notification, such as registering an e-mail address of someone else;
  • Any act for the purpose of business activities or profit-making, or any act for the preparation therefor;
  • Any act that damages the reputation or credibility of a third party or the Company;
  • Any act of using or providing or threatening to use or provide any harmful program including a computer virus;
  • Any act that otherwise violates or is likely to violate any law, regulation or ordinance; and
  • Any other act which is determined to be inappropriate by the Company.


The contents of any third party’s website linked from or to this website (hereinafter referred to as “Linked Website”) shall be managed at the responsibility of each such party, and is not under our supervision. Such links do not imply any special relationship between the Company and the Linked Website, such as partnership, etc. We assume no liability for the contents of the Linked Websites or any damage incurred as a result of your use of them.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Unless otherwise provided for, the use of our website and the interpretation and application of the Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Further, unless otherwise provided for, any conflict relating to the use of our website shall be settled in a court of law under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nagoya District Court.


The copyright of the works posted on our website belongs to the Company or affiliates of the Company.
It is strictly prohibited to use the works (including reproduction, public transmission, alteration, diversion, sale, etc.) beyond the scope permitted by the Copyright Act except with the permission of the Company as the right holder.

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