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Industrial Machiner

FINE SINTER products are widely marketed in industrial machineries due to our molding technology that makes complex molding possible and reduces cost.

Parts for Construction Machineries

Parts for Construction Machineries

With higher pressure resistance by copper infiltration, our products are used in heavy-duty conditions such as hydraulic piston cylinder block and inside joy stick of construction machineries.

Other Parts

Other Parts

Also used as various kinds of bearings due to its self-lubricant characteristic, and lens mount of the single-lens reflex equips our parts which have complex forms and better corrosion resistance.

Hydraulic Units -The Pioneer of Compact Hydraulic-

Entire process of our product manufacturing.
Introduce our manufacturing process from preparation of metallic powder, molding, to sintering.

Find our FINE SINTER technology near you.

Powder Metallurgy

You can find powder metallurgy products in your daily life.