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Entire process of our product manufacturing.

  1. powder metal

    powder metal

    We can use any metal than can be transformed into powder.
    Our main materials are iron and copper.

  2. Mixing


    Mix iron and powder metal with different composition at designated ratio.


  3. Molding


    Mixed powder metal is formed in precision mold and being pressed by automatic molding machine.
    Warm pressing
    Powder metal is formed while being kept under a certain level of temperature. Molded parts have higher density and better durability by this molding method.
  4. Sintering


    Molded parts are sintered in the fume gas under the temperature below the melting point.
    High temperature sintering
    To densification and improve durability, sinter parts under the temperature of above 1200℃.
  5. Post treatment and finishing

    Sizing coining
    After pressing and sintering the parts, place in the mold again and apply pressure to improve the accuracy of dimension and density.
    Machinery process incudes drilling and grinding.
    Oil impregnation
    For longer lasting effect of lubricity without exhaustion of lubricant, impregnate lubricant into pores of sintered parts.
    Heat treatment
    Apply heat then cool down to change hardness of the part to designated level.
    Surface treatment
    To improve corrosion and abrasion resistance. We do steam and plating treatment.
  6. Inspection and shipment

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Entire process of our product manufacturing.
Introduce our manufacturing process from preparation of metallic powder, molding, to sintering.

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Powder Metallurgy

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