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Yoichi Inoue

For more than 60 years, we, as a pioneer in the powder metallurgy industry, have manufactured products that meet needs of each era.

We manufacture automobile parts, parts for railroad vehicles, and compact hydraulic equipment, and all those products have been received high appreciation from customers all over the world. We, FINE SINTER, keep our every effort to understand and meet each customer's needs with our technology and developmental capabilities in order for us to be the best competitive company in the industry with its highest product quality.

Fundamental Philosophy of FINE SINTER takes over entrepreneurship of our founder as corporation policy. By catching up changes in times, we always want to be a leading company with our creativity in the industry.

To do so, we challenge new phases without any worry of setback, do not take conventional ways, and always start over again from scratch. With practice of this philosophy, FINE SINTER creates Only-One product to the world.

Production is based on the personnel training and team work. All of our employees of FINE SINTER groups keep our best to create products that provide happiness to the people, consider our environment, take responsibility as one of corporations in society, and contribute to the society to create better life in 21st century.

President Executive Officer

Yoichi Inoue

Hydraulic Units -The Pioneer of Compact Hydraulic-

Entire process of our product manufacturing.
Introduce our manufacturing process from preparation of metallic powder, molding, to sintering.

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Powder Metallurgy

You can find powder metallurgy products in your daily life.