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The history of fine sinter

  • TSM and JPM merge to become Fine Sinter Co., Ltd.
  • Production of Coilassy starts.
  • All affiliates are certified for ISO14001.
  • Production of Enginesprocket starts.
  • All affiliates are certified for ISO9001.
  • Precision Sintered Products (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. Established in Wuxi,China.
    (Joint venture with Sumitomo Electric Sintered Alloy, ltd.)
2005Production of sintered arms starts.
2008New headquarters opens and headquarter and engineering divisions are relocated.
2009ISO/TS16949 is certificated.
2010SA innovation line transfers to Shiga plant and mass production line starts.
2012PT. Fine Sinter Indonesia established in Indonesia.
2017Fine Sinter Co., Ltd. is listed with 2nd section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
20197 million units TSM series manufacturing.

The history of (formerly) Tokyo Sintered Metals・(formerly) Japan Powder Metallurgy

  (formerly) Tokyo Sintered Metals (TSM) (formerly) Japan Powder Metallurgy (JPM)
1947JPM is established in Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi.
1950TSM is established in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.
1951BROIMET is applied to railway cars by Japan National Railway.
1958Production of Shock Absorber parts for automobile starts.
1960Kasugai Plant opens.
1962TSM is listed with 2nd section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1967Kawagoe Plant opens.
1968Production of Sintered brake lining for Shinkansen starts.
1971Production of Valve Seat for automobile starts.Production of Valve Seat for TOYOTA starts.
1973Shiga Plant opens.
1976Toyota Production System is introduced.
1979Production of Oil Pump parts for power steering starts.
1982Production of Brake pads for motorcycles starts.
1983Production of Transmission parts for automobile starts.
1985Production of Plastic Banded Piston for shock absorber starts.
  • Production of Sensor Parts for power steering starts.
  • Tohoku Sintered Metals is established in Esashi-ku, Iwate.
1995Production of ABS sensor parts starts.
1996TSM and JPM Jointly establish Thai Fine Sinter Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
1998Production of Titanium Valve Billet for automobile starts.
2000TSM, JPM and TOYOTA jointly open Technology Development Center.
2000Production of MIM parts starts.
2001TSM and JPM Jointly established American Fine Sinter Co., Ltd. in Ohio, U.S.A.
2002Production of Motorcore starts.

Hydraulic Units -The Pioneer of Compact Hydraulic-

Entire process of our product manufacturing.
Introduce our manufacturing process from preparation of metallic powder, molding, to sintering.

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Powder Metallurgy

You can find powder metallurgy products in your daily life.