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Environmental Policies

We consider environmental protection is one of the most important administrative tasks and, we have developed steady activities based on our environmental policy since establishing our environmental management system in 1999.

Basic Concept

All employees of Fine Sinter recognize global environmental protection as the most important task common to all humankind. In order to play a role as a good corporate citizen, we actively promote resource-saving and the creation of a people-friendly clean environment in every aspect of our corporate activities.

Environmental Policies

  1. We shall comply with relevant laws, regulations and agreements with local communities and other requirements and shall promote prevention of environmental pllution.
  2. Starting from the Research and Development stage, we will strongly consider the enviornment by making efficiant usage of energy and selecting friendly raw materials.
  3. We shall set environmental objectives and targets; and make efforts for continuous improvement.

    1. By saving resources and using smaller amounts of energy, we will promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
    2. We Shall promote the reduction and recycling of waste
  4. In order to enhance environmental understanding, we vow to promote enviornmental awaress through education
  5. We shall make these environmental policies accessible to the general public

June 25, 2013

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Yoichi Inoue

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