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Corporate Behavior Charter

To practice our business philosophy, FINE SINTER declared that we comply with following behavior charters towards not only our customers but also stakeholders such as our employees, shareholders, partners, government authorities and community.

  1. To Our Customers

    • We devote ourselves to develop and provide valuable products to meet our customers' expectations, trusts, and satisfaction by having ourselves in customers' point of view.
    • We provide safe, reliable, and predominant quality products to our customers.
    • We ensure to appropriately handle and protect each customer's information.
  2. To Our Employees

    • We respect human right, personality, and identity of each, and never discriminate each other.
    • We proud of our own company and its business, support each other, and grow along with company development.
    • We provide our employee with safe and great work environment with full of energy.
  3. To Our Shareholders and Investors

    • We disclose corporate information in proper and timely manner and perform visible management of its business.
    • We produce sound results per our business activities and improve corporate value.
    • We follow the appropriate accounting standard to secure the system not to create improper accounting reports.
  4. To Our Business Partners

    • We highly respect our business partners as our customers.
    • We maintain the equal relationship with our business partners based on the executed contracts.
    • We practice fair and proper business with our partners.
  5. To Our Society and Environment

    • Not only regulation compliance, we behave as sincere and responsible by following ethics in our society.
    • To protect our precious environment, we work proactively on environmental issues.
    • We respect culture and norm in society of each nation and region, and contribute to social and business activities of each nation and region.
    • As a member of our society, we proactively participate in activities of social contribution to build better society for us.

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