Manufacture ONLY-ONE products.

  • Automotive parts

    Automotive parts

    High durability and abrasion resistance. High-quality cars built with high precision parts.

  • Railroad Application

    Railroad Application

    Reduce the power loss and all possible loads. FINE SINTER products are widely applied in the railroad industry because of its reliability.

  • Industrial Machinery

    Industrial Machinery

    Improve onsite productivity and reduce costs. Our Sintered Vent offers its best performance.

  • Hydraulic Units

    Hydraulic Units

    Compact and less noise level. Next-generation hydraulic machine spreads its market in the medical and other field all over the world.

7 million units TSM series manufacturing!!

Air vents for aluminum casting and resin molding.
The product purge air/gas with multitude, straight, and parallel micro pores.


FINE SINTER is awarded by
many institutions and
industrial associations.

Hydraulic Units -The Pioneer of Compact Hydraulic-

Entire process of our product manufacturing.
Introduce our manufacturing process from preparation of metallic powder, molding, to sintering.

Find our FINE SINTER technology near you.

Powder Metallurgy

You can find powder metallurgy products in your daily life.